Ready Mix Concrete

We offer a large variety of concrete mix designs and compressive strengths to fulfill all your needs including:

DOT approved mixes, Footers, Foundation, Slabs, Walls, Flow Fill, Block Fill, and Paving.

Steel Reinforcing Fibers

Concrete with steel fibers integrated throughout the mix is perfect for footings, slabs on grade, elevated decks and walls. Steel fibers are a reliable replacement of rebar to minimize shrinkage cracks and add flexural strength.

Integral Color

Add color to both vertical and horizontal construction projects to enhance the architectural appeal of your project. Colored concrete brings functionality, durability and most of all beauty to any environment.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are used in concrete to benefit both in plastic and hardened state. They reduce plastic settlement cracks and plastic shrinkage cracks. They lower permeability and increase impact and abrasion resistance.

Chloride and Non-Chloride Accelerators

Accelerating admixtures used to improve the setting time significantly and early compressive strengths are improved.

High Range Water Reducer

When used water reduction up to 25% can be obtained. The superplasticizing action for the production of high slump flowing concrete with excellent workability that can be placed at a low water/cement ratio.


Used in concrete to provide uniform control of cement hydration, heat evolution, plasticity and set time. Placing and finishing crew benefit from longer working times and better finishing characteristics.

789 Stone

A smaller stone at 3/4” used in concrete mixes for pumping in 2” hoses.

Keyway and Stakes

A construction joint system used between two sections of concrete. The concrete is placed against concrete already in place which is hardened to the extent that consolidation cannot be done.

Expansion Board

Expansion joints permit volume change movement of a concrete structure or member.

Concrete Color

An economical blend of synthetic iron oxide pigments conveniently packaged for coloring ready-mixed concrete.

Bin Blocks

Blocks are available for purchase at our concrete plant locations. Full blocks are 6’ and half blocks are also available. We will load them on your truck.